Watching Horse Racing Videos

Many people are very passionate about watching horse racing videos. Horse racing, “The Sport of Kings,” has a long history and is still going strong today. Videos of races can be found Worcester Horse Racing all over the internet and on betting sites. Whether you are betting on the race or not, watching the videos will give you a greater appreciation and understanding of the sport and the horses themselves.

Here is why people continue to watch racing videos:

Improve Technique

Watching racing videos is a great way for anyone involved in the sport to improve technique. Watching past performances allows you to learn from past mistakes as well as examine the things that went right.

For those betting on the race, watching old videos improves your betting success in many ways. Watching the races allows you to get to know the horses and jockeys and to examine their strengths and weaknesses and their likes and dislikes. This knowledge will allow you to predict, based on the track conditions and other horses in the field, which horse is most likely to win.

In addition, through the horses and races, you will get a chance to learn indirectly about trainers and their horses. This is especially important when a new horse is introduced to the race, you can at least get an idea of the horses performance based on the trainer and the jockey riding it.

Those involved in the actual racing also benefit greatly from watching the races. Trainers watch races to get a second view of their own horses and how they run. It tells them what races the horse is best suited for and what issues need to be worked out in training.

Jockeys also benefit in learning about a new mount or the conditions of a new racetrack. In addition, watching the videos allows them to get an understanding of the strategies used by the other jockeys and what to look out for from other horses in the field.


Horse racing is a great form of entertainment. Watching horses fly around the track and seeing how a rider a tenth of the horse’s size can control that strength and power is exhilarating. In addition, the excitement is even greater when you wager on the race you are watching.


Many people are so passionate about racing, that they enjoy watching races whenever possible. While new races offer the excitement of the unknown and a chance to test your knowledge of the field, watching old races is just as enjoyable for those passionate about the sport.