silent auction Enemy by Lois Richer

When searching for a Fundraising Auctioneer, the first query usually asked via most non-income businesses is the incorrect query. The first question usually asked is “Who will paintings as our Auctioneer without cost”, while a better question could be “What Auctioneer can help us boost extra money for our cause than we did final yr”.

A “Volunteer Auctioneer” is generally not anything silent auction donations more than an inexperienced bid caller who has the same opinion to paintings without cost. This individual normally is famous and pleasant with key players inside the room but has very little actual Auction revel in. They don’t apprehend the Auction manner, they don’t know a way to read the bidders within the room, and that they do not recognize the way to flow the Auction along quick and effectively. They actually stand on the podium and ask for bids from the group. And they are usually more interested in no longer embarrassing themselves rather than raising as much money as viable for the reason.

Most non-profit agencies are inclined to pay the power, printer, caterer, liquor keep, disk jockey, and florist… However they count on the Auctioneer… The most effective individual who will generate revenue for them… To paintings without spending a dime. And as soon as the Volunteer Auctioneer is placed, maximum organizations congratulate themselves for saving some hundred greenbacks. But in truth, this choice doesn’t keep them cash… It costs them money. Because most groups fail to remember the fact that the benefit from a Fundraising Auction is made during the essential Pre-Planning Steps, no longer on Auction Day.

Although it is able to sound cliché, it’s genuine. “You can’t promote from an empty wagon”. And that is honestly authentic with Fundraising Auctions. An event may have a high-quality reason, a beautiful area, and a huge crowd, however if there’s nothing thrilling and treasured to sell on the Auction, the Auction may not improve a whole lot cash.

Experienced Fundraising Auctioneers take into account that there may be a 3-step technique to elevating money at a Fundraising Auction and every step is vital to the economic achievement of the event.

Step 1) Pre-Event Meeting: This is in which the Auctioneer meets with the group at least 3-6 months previous to the occasion, and at this meeting the Auctioneer will:

Explore the organization’s task and the event’s monetary objectives.
Explain to the institution how the Auction procedure works, spotting that maximum committee contributors have very little actual Auction experience and frequently want a few guidance.
Discuss how the Silent Auction should paintings.
Discuss how the Live Auction should work, such as timing, duration, and the correct quantity of gadgets for sale.
Explore the possibility of a Special Pledge Appeal… So that you can frequently improve extra cash than the Silent and Live Auction combined.
Explain what items typically promote quality at Fundraising Auctions.
Explain what objects to avoid.
Motivate the group and get them transferring within the proper course, months before the occasion date.
Step 2) Pre-Event Consultations: Most groups may have many questions as the Auction date processes. The Auctioneer must be to be had to provide guidance and solution such questions as:

Is the institution on course to attain their Auction financial goals in phrases of each amount and cost of the Auction gadgets solicited so far?
Which items must go in the Live Auction, and which need to be relegated to the Silent Auction?
What is the ideal order of sale?
If engaging in a Special Pledge Appeal, are all bases protected?
Final pointers, thoughts, and ideas approximately such essential topics as Auction Staffing, Bidder #’s, Auction Listings, Registration & Checkout, and many others.
Step 3) Auction Day

Show up and phone the bids
Coordinate the all-essential Special Pledge Appeal
Add a greater expert picture to the Auction.
Of all the above offerings, the most effective one which the “Volunteer Auctioneer” presents is to “Show up and speak to the bids” on Auction Day. They offer none of the alternative services outlined below Step #1 Step #2, or Step #3. As a end result, the choice to apply a Volunteer Auctioneer will continually cost the organization money. It does no longer save them money.

So if you want to elevate extra money at your Fundraising Auction this 12 months than you probably did in previous years, find the excellent professional Auctioneer you could discover, and keep away from the temptation of using a “Volunteer Auctioneer”. The effects will amaze you.